10-Hour Academic Coaching Package

I offer 10 hour packages specifically designed for high school juniors, seniors and older to help them jump start their success and prepare them for the demands of college level work. All students will receive an Optima Educational coaching binder filled with handouts, presentation slides, questionnaires as well as helpful resources on a zip drive.  You are free to choose from any of the services listed below. In order to achieve maximum success from coaching, all packages should be completed in the semester/trimester in which they are purchased.  


Goals and BeNEFITS

  • Strengthening executive functions- working memory, time management, self monitoring, attention and focus issues

  • Maximizing reading comprehension- staying active with pre, during, post reading techniques

  • High quality writing - instruction in all stages of the writing process

  • Efficient note taking- outlines, mindmapping, Cornell notes, graphic organizers

  • Tests-Tackling tests and banishing school based anxiety

  • Organization- maximizing organizational systems for home and school- assistance with utilizing day planners, laptops, and binders

  • Special education- assistance in understanding and implementing school based IEP/accommodation plans

  • Anxiety and emotional control- mindfulness, stress management

  • Peak mental and physical performance- establishing healthy eating, sleeping and exercising schedules

  • Goal setting- setting SMART goals to make the most of your school year