College Planning Services

Getting a teen ready for college is a significant committment of time, energy and resources. Few decisions in life are as expensive and time consuming as the college application process. As an independent educational consultant (IEC) I am specially trained to assist your student in identifying good fit colleges as well as perspective career majors. There is so much more to college applications than "just getting in."  

  • Career and Personality Assessments - Students will use the research based assessments Do What You Are (DWYA) and YouScience to determine their personal work styles and identify high demand careers that are the best fit for their natural aptitudes and interests. The results from these assessments indicate which careers and majors are ultimately, a great fit.

  • Test Prep Guidance and Resources- Standardized tests are important in the college admissions process. I am here to help you create a personalized study plan for achieving your child's highest scores on the SAT/ACT, Subject Tests and AP Exams.

  • Creating the College List- It's important that the college list reflects a "good fit" academically, socially, and financially. After gathering significant information from families in each of the above areas, students will be presented with a list of colleges. Families and students are encouraged to visit their prospective colleges early on in the application process.

  • College Applications- Students will use their personalized College Planner Pro (CPP) account to stay on top of the college application process. With my guidance, students complete their applications and effectively manage deadlines, letters of reference, transcripts, test scores, etc. All students will receive a binder filled with the popular TRACK IT college planning curriculum.

  • Essays and Personal Statements - It's time to start writing! Students create original and reflective essays and personal statements through the use of the CollegeWise essay writing curriculum. Let me help your child find his or her own unique and meaningful story . Essays are electronically stored and organized with the Prompt essay management platform.

  • College Affordability- College can be one of the most significant financial investments a family will ever make. I will help you to understand before your student even applies to college what financial and merit based aid you can expect to receive.