College Success Starts Here


Let’s face it gettting your teen ready for college requires a significant commitment of time, energy and resources. Few decisions in life are as expensive and time consuming as the college application process.  As an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) I am specially trained to assist your son or daughter in identifying good fit colleges, as well as perspective career majors. There's so much more to college than "just getting in" - your student will need the right academic and life skills to be successful and thrive in the college environment. That’s where coaching comes in. Discover how my personalized academic coaching program can build your teens confidence and help them to succeed wherever their path may lead them.



Academic Coaching

Personalized solutions to help your teen maximize their study skills and tackle the rigors of higher education with confidence.



College consulting

The guidance your family deserves so that your teen can identify and apply to colleges that are a good fit academically, socially and financially.