Academic Coaching Services

What if your student not only understood their unique strengths as a learner, but actually possessed the skills that would help them thrive in high school, college and beyond? Imagine..

  • Your student is now confident and capable in completing assignments and takes ownership for his learning
  • Your daughter actually understands teacher's expectations and is able to plan for assignments in        advance
  • Your son has a clear set of active learning strategies so he is not simply rereading the material,  but is truly learning the material
  • You as the parent have a clear plan for addressing executive function issues and peace and harmony are restored to your household!

Is this truly possible? Yes, that's where I come in as an academic coach! Let's face it life with teens can be challenging and learning issues can frustrate even the hardest working students. I am experienced in helping students with executive functions issues, ADD/ADHD,  verbal based learning differences and dyslexia, as well as acquired learning issues due to traumatic brain injury, concussions, etc. I have attended professional training at the Hill Center in Durham, North Carolina, as well as the Landmark School in Putney, Vermont.   

Ready for confidence?

Academic coaching is about teaching students strategies that will help them develop new habits and mindsets to achieve personal success. This can be the first step for your child in building a more productive and confident future.  Call me today at  919-280-7445 and I can help you determine which services best meet your child's needs.  I am background checked to work on campus at the following schools: GRACE Christian School , Cardinal Gibbons High School, Cary Academy and St. Mary's School in Raleigh.